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"10 Most Popular Artist Spotlights of 2012 Restrospective"
Graham Matthews

Hiroko Sakai is a relocated Japanese artist living in San Francisco, USA. Her story is both touching and inspirational. In her move from Japan to the USA she has struggled with many things (read her full story here), all the time being devoted to her art and promoting it online. (read more)

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Lindsay Unified School District

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Review & Comment

Michelle Bussy
Director of Professional Development in Art Education, LUSD

Hiroko, you are an excellent painter with an elegance of style, composition, and visual interest. But far more important is your concepts behind the work. Your work speaks so strongly about mystery -almost surrealistically, about struggle, love, passion, and spirituality...you just keep getting better and better. I would love to see all your work in a large exhibition someday...lets hope for this to happen.

Eric Seligson
Graphic designer / Siderealist, NYC

Ignoring Hiroko's art is impossible. Viewing her images is a forbidden trip into her surrealistic subconscious. To the eye of Hiroko, nothing is quite so simple, and nothing is quite profane; in her exploration of human nature, anything and everything can be imagined, from insatiable lust to infinite beauty.

Graham Matthews

Artpromotive / Pacquet, NL

I read your story and I think you are a true inspiration to all artists... not only is your art inspiring, but your way of promoting yourself through many different means is something that all artists should be guided by...

Rebecca L. Godina
Author of "Medusa's Myth", WA

Finding Hiroko Sakai was an accident, if you consider fate an accident. I was on a quest for an image I could so clearly see in my mind’s eye, yet lacked the talent to produce on my own. I wanted a portrait of Medusa that fully captured her essence. I didn’t want the typical, one-dimensional view of Medusa as the monster. The whimsical image of Medusa, though amusing, lacked the depth I sought. What I longed for was beauty intermingled with terror; power tempered with vulnerability; something fantastic to become real. What I found was “Medusa #2,” a painting that exceeded my expectations. However.... (read more)

James D. Armstrong, Jr
Composer / Pianist, CA

I'm an independent musician from the Bay Area, and discovered Hiroko's paintings after extended research. In Hiroko's art, I found the perfect visual analogue to my music. Two of her paintings appear on my recent music albums. If any generalizations can be made about this art, her works are immediately recognizable in terms of their strong thematic content, and expertly crafted forms. In these hues and color schemes, a great mind is at work.

Pamela Leggett

Therapist / Art collector, FL

Hiroko is a fantastic artist and overall beautiful spirit. She is able to depict on canvas her intuitive observations, emotions, keen insight and wit unlike any other artist. To look at her art evokes such emotion and thought, as well as fascination, intrigue, and a desire to see more of her work. Each of her pieces tells a story and shows her deep passion for life. One can spend hours looking at her artwork analyzing each painting's details and meanings.
She is not just an amazing artist, but a beautiful storyteller as well. I am in awe of her superb talent and vibrant artwork. The colors she blends together are both bold and visually delightful. I look forward to seeing what new paintings she will unveil in the future.

Brandon Buschmann
Buschmann Gallery, NYC

"When we tap into our powers of imagination, we are blooms of possibilities." Sakai's new work is very powerful, containing well defined forms within a surrealist atmosphere. Strong colours and powerful imagery play on tradition of dreams. Sakai reflect a unique culture of aesthetics. A dreamscape sometimes slipping into the realm of the nightmare.

Art Beat
Art Beat article

Hiroko is a contemporary artist who is celebrating the colours in a method reminding us with the brilliant old Japanese & Eastern arts. She transmits emotions through her brush to the viewers mind & heart. You can feel that her figurative art evolves many thoughts & ideas carrying you on a magical carpet to a world of dreams & fantasies. Hiroko; you are a genuine, sensitive & beautiful rose in bouquets of art!

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