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"What I always say is that Japanese are like willow. We can be bent easily, but once you try to break us, it would not be so easy."
"Wherever I wander off, when I draw, when I paint, I get my life back. I am lucky that I am an Artist."
"I laugh more when the time get harder. You know, the darker the shadow is, the brighter the light shine. I love the lights of strength the sun shine brings after getting over each storms."
"If we had received a precious gift from God, it would be our imagination. When we tap into our powers of imagination, we are bombs of possibilities."
"Everybody has own gifts from God. You just need to seize the right time, right place and right person to be found."
"Maybe I might be repeating the same mistake again... But don't you think it is far better to regret what I have done than what I have not done yet?"
"If somebody tells me what to do, I will do my best not to do it."
"My problem is that my body acts before my brain thinks. I think that I was a rat in a rat wheel in my previous life. I can't forget the habit."
"My body is tired as worn out rug, but my brain (if I had) is always jumping around for seeking new funs. If they could learn how to be cooperative each others, my life could be way easier... sigh"
"I think the real education is made from curiosity, not just going to famous schools. I want to be something like a toy box which is filled with various fun things"
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