Chigo No Sora Ne


Once upon a time, a little boy was living in a temple at Hiei mountain with Buddhism monks.

One evening, the little boy heard monks' voice,
"Let's make Bota-mochi (adzuki bean mochi)"
But he thought he would be looked bold if he waited there without going to his bed. So he decided to wait in his bed until the mochi comes out pretending he was sleeping. He expected and waited for someone to come to wake him up.

A Buddhist monk finally came to his bed and said,
"Hey, wake up".
The boys was glad but he didn't want to look like having waited for the moment, so he decided to arise himself after another call and kept pretending to be asleep.
"Don't wake him up, this little boy is asleep"
said another monk.
The boy wished that anyone would wake him up once again, furtively listening monks' conversation in the bed.
When he heard the monks' devouring some food, he couldn't help himself answering rather abruptly
"yes, I have woken up now".
It was long after the first call, so the monks couldn't stop laughing at the poor boy.